Why I should start writing and you should too

I describe a mental model I use to help me start writing today with purpose.


Oct 28, 2022 175 Words

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Write today so that you can pick up where you left off.

A mental model to help you start writing (seriously) today:

Work is best conveyed through itself but the craft that goes into creating it can be conveyed through playbooks & guides.

Not every guide needs to be complete or published.

You are writing for yourself from tomorrow to review, improve or continue on today’s work.

Think of work tomorrow to be influenced by today’s work.

Written guides and live displays of work from today – can spark new ideas and help keep you excited tomorrow.

Here are some notes to document your work today,

What you can write about:

  1. The exact steps you took to get something done
  2. What you should’ve done instead
  3. What you shouldn’t have done
  4. What you can do better & lessons learned

It starts to feel like you’re ‘connecting ideas’ but it really is expanding your knowledge.

You are the author of your work so make it something you are proud of and can continue for a long time.

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