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Generating ideas on demand is not something I am known for. Infact, I am the only one who knows anything related to me. Others don’t even know that I exist.

Why is that? I mean, why is it that I cannot generate ideas to write about?

Is it the blank slate that I start with?

Is it my work setting?

I seem to have a lot of ideas all day, everyday and I would love to tackle issues I have faced in the past or would face in the future. But when I sit to generate a piece, my mind blanks out.

Let’s say that I have some problem with my mindset or luck. I want to label it as ‘X’. Can I try and avoid ‘X’ from affecting me?

To ignore the consequences of ‘X’ would mean ignoring my inability to generate and manifest thoughts on demand.

So should I ignore ‘X’? or rather the ideas that I generate that manifests ‘X’?

The problem is entangled with the aspirations. If I think about the aspirations, I fail to manifest them.

I don’t know what ‘X’ (my problem for not being able to generate piece ideas) is and I want to tackle it.

Wait. I am now in the middle of writing whatever this is. So, did I somehow circumvent the phase where I would blank out at the sight of an empty canvas.

What I remember was that I sat and started writing. I don’t recall where my mind was when I started. It’s almost as if my subconscious hijacked the vehicle and my analytical mind was tied up in the backseat … except it isn’t.

Infact, there seems to be some sort of an agreement between the two.

What is the answer? How do I manifest this harmony again?

I have done it.

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