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A Little Story from the Past - My Name is Doppio

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Where do I even start?

The story sets off with a lady giving birth but who was also in solitary confinement for more than 2 years.

Doppio’s Mom giving birth

This means she has got to be a special kind of person to Doppio’s father.

Doppio had been a weird baby from the start. He was transferred to a local church in Sardinia which is the hometown of his mother.

Baby Doppio

This is the known beginning for the Boss’s story. The full picture is not revealed for it may be a key to understanding this weird yet terrifying personality.

Could this be tied down to some prophecy?

This episode does hint at some juicy history using the shaman or the fortune teller. He was aghast at Doppio’s age in the end there before he was attacked by the Emperor Crimson.


Doppio’s obvious split personality seemed to have already been known by the ghost of the Emperor Crimson user.

It could be possible that Emperor Crimson user is using Doppio as a host to carry out his deeds in Sardinia without actually being there. There is no opposing argument as there aren’t any explicit mentions saying otherwise.

I really hope that there aren’t any time dilation effects on Doppio in the sense that he isn’t aging like a normal human being.

Doppio’s looks younger than he is

Time frame is a bit janky and doesn’t add up given the fact how young Doppio looks at age 35.

The same Doppio who met Trish’s mom about 15 years prior the golden wind time frame, is now trying to cover up all traces in the current time frame where Bruno and gang have crash landed onto Sardinia.

Doppio X and X Trish’s Mom

Perhaps the Emperor Crimson has had its own effects on Doppio’s body.

Speaking of Emperor Crimson, we get to see what type of personality the stand user has. The user’s personality is clearly different from Doppio’s naive side.

We also see how Doppio’s Emperor Crimson wielding personality bulks up into the Mafia Boss’s terrifying persona that we are already aware of.

Emperor Crimson Doppio

Perhaps that is how the Boss has managed to stay secretive and out of sight. This reminds me of Fight Club.

This along with the ability to erase time from the brief and immediate future has rendered his secrecy obvious.

I wonder why he is so set upon erasing his history from Sardinia in the sense that he can handle any situation.

Trish’s existence is his defeat or so he believes.

This episode also reveals that Emperor Crimson’s can only be invoked on targets that are within 2 meters from Doppio. This seems to contradict things we saw in some of the previous episodes.

Emperor Crimson needs to be invoked from within 2 meters

It sucks to have loopholes to incredibly overpowered abilities but that is what antagonists are usually weary of.

It’s hard to say what Araki is planning because the majority of this backstory / PoV seems to have been improvised yet it’s crafted with enough details to give hints and connections.

The ‘Grasshopper’ and the ‘Frog’ inclusion, screams Giorno Giovanna and given his history with unique and bizarre ways to solve problems, I wouldn’t be surprised if that is the case.

A Frog to me screams Girono Giovanna

It sure does look like the Boss (Doppio) and Bruno’s team are gonna have their final meet at the Emerald Coast in the next or coming episodes.

Given the exhaustive nature of the talent in Bruno’s Group, Araki felt another character would be required to connect the dots and now we have Risotto with yet another unique stand ability to summon metal objects and attack his enemy with them.

Doppio vs Risotto


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