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... such is the ability of Emperor Crimson 😨

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…such is the ability of Emperor Crimson

What the hell?

If you look closely here, Araki is following a pattern. All the final bosses from Jojo Part 3 to Part 5 have the ability to manipulate time.

Let’s consider the infamous Dio Brando for example. He had the ability to ironically stop time ‘temporarily’.

I still wonder 🤔 why he named his stand ‘Za warudo’. Za Warudo is the Japanese pronunciation of english phrase ‘The World’ . But that’s about it. No visible connection to anything that is related to Time or Dio’s Archetype.

The World stand

Sliding into Part 4, which has to be my favourite Jojo storyline so far, contains this charismatic and yet so much more different Yoshikoge Kira, whose name again is the Japanese pronunciation of the English word “Killer”. Kira in the later part of story developed the ability to rewind time only for an hour as portrayed in the series. Though the ability is overpowered, it seem have flaws. In the sense that the implementer of these abilities spawn instant drawbacks in the implemtation mechanism itself.

Killer Queen stand

Now in Part 5, I just reached the point where the gangster boss character was introduced and “his” ability seems to also be something related to time.

“Emperor Crimson”

Now the exposition he gave while invoking Emperor Crimson on Bruno Buccharati is not quite enough to get the actual implementation details.

Emperor Crimson stand

But the pattern that Araki is following here is such that the group of main characters including Giorno Giovanna are destined to face peril trying evade or to even understand the final boss’s ability.

The same happened while Dio’s stand was introduced. Kakyoin died even before the others got to know the exact implementation details of the stand “The World”.

Now Hunter X Hunter has some bizarre Hatsu implementations but Jojo has to be the next best thing when it comes to the same.

Prince Tserriednich

We get a glimpse of the ability itself before the Boss even performs the exposition. We see the gang experience things on the boat before it actually happened or something like that. Like Narancia had the chocolate bar in his mouth before he even tried to take it from Fugo was it? Not to mention Abbacio, who had already received the bottle of water before Giorno even tried to pick up the water bottle.

The pattern Araki is flexing seems to be predictable. All the stands have the same types of weaknesses. The World could only stop time for 9 seconds. Kira would only rewind time for an hour. Emperor Crimson can only look forward in time for a couple of seconds.

So I would bet that the protagonists are gonna have a lot of fun figuring out the loopholes or coming up with some sort of counter. This has always been this way and always would be for more parts to come.

When and if I ever find time, I would love to rewatch the episode.

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