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Emperor Crimson vs Metallic

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This fight lasted for only a minute. We finally got a glimpse at the turnaround process of the Emperor Crimson invocation.

Risotto vs Doppio

Poor doppio takes care of ‘glimpsing’ the 10 second future and ‘reporting’ it back to the Mafia Boss.

For an incredibly overpowered ability, it sure does take a lot of preparation and a ‘can-do’ attitude to actually use it well.

Doppio’s Pain

Having a naive person relay foresight data in less than 5 seconds, just to make sure that the counter action can be planned and executed in the remaining 5 seconds is completely unfair and ludicrous.

Araki has once again gained my trust and admiration in handling such complex cognitive loads while writing a sensible fight scene.

Risotto Nero is yet another amusing character solely introduced for exposition with regards to how Doppio-Boss duo fight their enemies and the amount of chinese whisper that goes between them in the span of 10 seconds.

I am really surprised at the fact that ‘Doppio is not mentally broken yet’… or was he already to begin with?

Doppio is Mentally Broken

Risotto’s stand ability works to an extent that shouldn’t work on paper. But I can’t dispute my opinion. Better men have tried… must’ve tried.

Metallica \m/

Some of the dialogue spewed by Risotto caught my attention. It was something related to 16th Century Germany.

Is this the fabled origin of the Golden Arrow? or the Stone Mask?

How did the boss get this ability? Was his personality split as a result of an initiation?

Are Joestars really victims to these bizarre adventures?

So many questions!

I should definitely rewatch this episode to catch up on Risotto’s dialogue.

Netflix did a good job by listing Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.


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