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Why hasn’t the boss taken it upon himself to get Trish back?

I believe that this is the same mistake that many of the antagonists make in every story that spans a wide array of characters.

With an ability like Emperor Crimson, it would be a better plan to eradicate the problem as soon as it takes form.

We have already seen the same formula in Jojo’s Part 3 with bushels of stand users with bizarre abilities.

Part 3 Weird

The ultimate threat to a possible defeat is the fact that there is a probability in the first place. Consider a scenario where the Boss along with his immediate bodyguards like Tiziano and Squalo, perfect a congruent take out strategy on Bruno’s Gang before they even try to understand what was happening.


The stand abilities of Tiziano and Squalo and a lot of other stand users like N’doul for instance, are obscure enough to even be of any use. But when combined together, they can be a force to reckon with.

Egyptian Geb

Coming back to Dio’s example, Dio wasn’t in control until the very end and it was a believable reason for Enyaba to awaken a bushel of stand abilities.

A stand’s manifestation is still not understood in Jojo’s series. Are they by any means related to the stone mask?

Mask and Arrow

I still believe there is a more elaborate history between the Arrow and the Stone Mask. These two seem to find themselves passing their influence throughout the generations.

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