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Getting Oneself to Do It

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When you have an idea which you think would look and feel cool after the said execution, you immediately google the hell out of it. You try to connect the dots and then you stumble upon some github repositories doing the same thing but better. You shake your head for a minute and move on.

What? Yes. Deep inside you know it that your idea was original so you feel a bit defeated…life feels useless and you want it to change but you don’t know how or where to start.

OK…backtrack a bit…to about 10 minutes ago…

Your idea feels promising and you think only you can do it.


Write it down. (be it on a scrap of paper, a to do list or on your shirt even)

Now clear your thoughts and start planning again…google it, read about that it’s already been done by some random entity, copy the hyperlink and paste it in your “Oh! you’re challenging me?” file on your desktop or your cloud store.

Glance at the number of links you have pasted, if it’s less than 10..laugh it off

“This is pathetic, let me increase this number”

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