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How to Generate Twitter API Tokens

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How to get started with Twitter API?

How to get started with Twitter API?

  1. Signup at the portal
  2. Provide required details like ✦ name ✦ country ✦ use-case etc.
  3. You will be sent an email for verification purposes
  4. Verify your email

That’s it. You now have ‘Essential Access’ to Twitter API

Essential Access?

You can now create an application to receive related consumer key & secret using which you can start using Twitter v2 API Comparison between Essential and Elevated Access - Twitter API

“Essential Access is all you need to get a test run of Twitter API”

Some notable metrics are as follows:

→ Up to 500k tweets can be read per month

→ v2 Twitter API access

How to increase cap?

Twitter also provides ‘Elevated Access’ which requires one to request the same through the developer dashboard.

→ 2 Million tweets can be read per month

→ v1.1 and v2 Twitter API access

Twitter is likely to request more details before it can give elevated access.

These questions can be related to the use-cases and they can be communicated via email initiated, by developer twitter after applying.

When Twitter approves your application, you will receive an email stating something like this

Email Confirmation for Elevated Access to Developer Twitter

You have been granted Elevated access!

We can now make use of generated keys to make API calls.

Keys and Tokens?

Developer Application Level keys are called ✦ Consumer Key ✦ Consumer Secret

User Level keys are called ✦ Access Token ✦ Access Secret

  1. Posting & Replying to Tweets
  2. Sending and Replying to DMs

…are all user level activities.

which means ‘Access Token’ and ‘Access Secrets’ can be used to authenticate these requests.

This is the OAuth1A level authenticated requests

To perform Developer Application level operations, one can use OAuth2 Bearer Tokens to make them.

These operations are READ-ONLY since they are related to user context. These could include reading public tweets etc.

But there is more…however, we can delve into that later.

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