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Notorious Chase

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Once again the circumstances facilitate the next enemy stand.

The devil is in the details. Araki has created a complete stand ability that requires it’s user to die so that it can be used effectively.

By invoking the said stand ability, the act of detachment from the stand user would allow this stand to latch onto high speed objects with a special affinity towards lifeforms.

Notorious Big

This affinity seemed to be a sweet bonus in this scenario, where the bruno’s gang plan to fly off to this island on a private plane to unravel the origin of the current Mafia Boss.

Part 5 Weird

Though the concept of a stand is still shrouded in mystery, we know that the stands are an extension of a user’s life force. But the question to ponder about is how a stand still remains manifested after the user has deceased?

We do know that the stand’s mindset and intentions could differ from that of the user but this complete detachment is a first.

Echoes Act III

This again reminds me of Hunter X Hunter’s implementation of ‘Nen After Death’.

Nen After Death

A resolve of the user is enough to govern the actions of the nen beast. It’s almost like a contract with the life force itself and a part of the life force is passed on to the conjured nen Beast

It should be safe to assume the same in this case. It’s a shame that we couldn’t get to know the user before they died from bullet wounds.

Six Pistols

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