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This episode was a banger from start to finish. Araki once again shows his impressive story crafting ability by forging an improvisation.

It should be safe to say that he has been thinking about Trish and her stand’s introduction from the beginning of Part 5.

Ability to soften things temporarily

Notorious chase was nothing but an impressive setup and a plot device at the same time.

This might be one of the best episodes until now in terms of storytelling and a strong narrative segue into the next part of Jojo’s bizarre adventure.

Trish seemed to have had her stand abilities manifested from childhood. That would mean that her father, who is the mafia boss, had his stand abilities from at least 15 years prior from the current events.

Golden Arrow & Enyaba

This anchors a reminder in my mind to learn how he got his ability and if it’s remotely related to Enyaba’s quest to further the golden arrow’s influence throughout the world.

While the answer may be hidden in Sardinia, I strongly feel that we wouldn’t get an actual answer there. Sardinia is currently a pandora’s box containing the key to unlock the solution to defeating the Boss. We might get a glimpse of the golden arrow again but my hopes aren’t up yet.

Emperor Crimson still baffles me!

I am still really confused by the Boss’s Emperor Crimson ability. I was under the impression that Emperor Crimson erases a part of the brief future before it takes place but this episode shows that it can erase the brief past as well. Or did Araki show the boss having a glimpse into the future instead? It could be either. Truly fascinating.

The soundtracks used in this episode were impressive as well. I counted at least 5 unique ones scored back to back in this episode.

Ora x and x Wannabe

Notorious Big is immortal and it haunts the ships like it’s the Cthulhu or the Kraken but in reality it’s the remaining life force of once a stand user who died without a proper introduction.

I never realised how much Jojo’s had changed from all the way back in Part 1.

Looking forward to Sardinia Arc

I wonder what Okuyasu and Josuke are upto back at Morioh?

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