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🚀 Here are some 🔥 awesome tweets from week (13/52) 🤩 2022!

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End of March and early April had 13 amazing tweets/threads on life-advice, career, writing,  startups, etc. by some of the most influential creators on Twitter.

You must’ve heard about Open Source.

But does it sound unsettling or even intimidating to get started with it?

If so, here is a breakdown so you can jump into it ⤵️

Check out more: @KalobTaulien

Looking for great creators on Twitter to draw inspiration from?

Here you go ⤵️

Check out more: @heyeaslo

19 easy to digest truths that can help your during uncertainty ⤵️

Check out more: @dickiebush

Do you occasionally fall trap to the perfectionism filter?

These visuals help you clear your perspective(s) during such times ⤵️

Check out more: @OzolinsJanis

A simple set of guidelines to experience growth in your field ⤵️

Check out more: @Nicolascole77

SaaS business owner?

Problems and how they handled them ⤵️

Check out more: @terribledustin

How YOU can build and use YOUR personal board of advisors ⤵️

Check out more: @SahilBloom

“If you want to be successful in business or life, you have to create more than you consume.”

9 lessons from Jeff Bezos’ letters ⤵️

Check out more: @chrishlad

6 ways great leaders think differently ⤵️

Check out more: @wdmorrisjr

“The Ladders of Wealth Creation” — break down of the principles to help you move up the ladders.

8 principles to help you navigate wealth creation ⤵️

Check out more: @nathanbarry

Core PRINCIPLES to prioritize as you’re building your career ⤵️

Check out more: @SahilBloom

Copywriting is one of the most important skills in this digital age.

Now. You can excel at it.

How? ⤵️

Check out more: @dickiebush

Improve your productivity with tried and tested tips ⤵️

Check out more: @blakeaburge

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