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Why Am I Online?

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TnvMadhav shares thoughts on building things online.

My online presence is me trying to play the game, with an intent to prove to myself that I can also accomplish things. I am playing this game in order to get better at it.

This online game is a contender for a life long game. This would not end as long as the internet exists.

I play to prove to myself that I can build. And that I can create content all on my own without needing any external factors pushing me. It’s a type of independence I yearn in my life.

Self motivated acts of hard-work is the most rewarding.

I play to solve my own problems. And I have a ton of problems.

It’s not win to play. It’s play to win.

The cost of creating content is insignificant. The return has no bounds.

Alternatively, you can refer to the following youtube video, Why Am I Online?

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