How to start creating content?

I teach you a mental model to start creating content without being overwhelmed


Feb 25, 2023 229 Words

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How to start creating content -- Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters - Unsplash

Benefits of content creation

Creating good content can be extremely rewarding.

The benefits are of two types:

  1. Internal
  2. External

Internal benefits of creating content

  1. You gain clarity on the concepts you’re trying to breakdown
  2. You gain experience in teaching
  3. You gain confidence in putting your work out there
  4. You gain the habit of creating value from knowledge
  5. You start loving the learning process
  6. You start systemizing learning and writing

External benefits of creating content

  1. You can get and use feedback
  2. You can attract and build a strong network of like minded people
  3. You can help teach students and juniors something of great value
  4. You can help solve problems for a bunch of potential customers

Processing this idea of creating content

External benefits are the good consequence but to start creating, one must not expect much of it.

Start with internal benefits and try to get good at maintaining the velocity.

How to start creating content?

To make this less intimidating, here’s a 3 point model:

  1. Start writing content for yourself

  2. Start documenting solutions and ideas on a concept, you learn and might forget about later

  3. Deconstruct and edit a 4-minute read to help you get up to speed with confidence

Bonus and conclusion

Stick to a niche for more impact. The goal is to ensure you don’t lose grip of it.

If you start seeing the benefits, click publish.

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