Why many side-projects just work?

Side projects have more chances of working out in your favour and providing you the satisfaction you need.


Jul 18, 2022 154 Words

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Don’t limit yourself to working on side projects only on weekends

‘Being obsessed’ is ‘being even more passionate’.

It’s not motivated by the need for income. Only to tinker and build12.

Side projects have:

  • More chances in working in your favor
  • Provide you the satisfaction

Side Projects have more chances of working out 3

Build & Maintain many side projects.

Your chances of making a living off of them should increase.4

Build and Maintain many side projects

Don’t limit yourself to working on side projects only on weekends.

Time will start flying during weekends and you start to look forward to weekends to make changes.

Instead, here is a thought for you.

Spend (a minimum) time every day tinkering with side projects.

  • Build small features
  • Improve Copy
  • Find customers in forums
  • Share your learnings

Now you will wake up fresh and (and even more) motivated EVERY DAY.

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